Repairs & Servicing


Picton Cycles Full Service – £49 

  • We have one level of service and it’s a FULL service, we don’t do half jobs and leave bits of your bike unfixed, your bike will ride and look like new once it’s completed. 
  • First of all, we will thoroughly check your bike over and give you a quote for everything that’s needed, there is no additional labour charges with our services you only pay extra for any parts that may be needed, such as a chain, brake pads etc. 
  • The Bearings are stripped out, regreased and replaced if necessary, got a classic bike with a loose bearing bottom bracket? Then those bearings are regreased as well. 
  • Gears will be set up correctly and tuned to perfection, with any necessary additional parts (chain, cables etc) fitted for no additional labour charge 
  • Brakes set up correctly and safely and again any necessary parts (pads, cables etc) will be fitted for no additional labour charge 
  • Wheels and tyres checked; any parts (tubes, tyres etc) fitted, again no extra labour charged 
  • Complete check over of all nuts and bolts (we’ll find what was causing that annoying rattle) and tightened to the correct torque specs 
  • Full valet – whole bike cleaned up like new. 

Brompton Repairs 

Bromptons are great fun, practical, well-made bikes that if maintained properly will last a lifetime, they are unique in the bike world, and this brings its own set of challenges when servicing  

Here at Picton Cycles we’re Brompton trained and accredited, we’ve got the specialist tools and knowledge to keep your Brompton rolling like new. 

We stock a wide range of Brompton specific parts and accessories 

Brompton Services – £49 

All Brompton repairs undertaken 


Common repair jobs 

  • Puncture Repair – Includes fresh tube – £13 
  • Gear Tune up – £15 
  • Brake Tune up – £15 
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed – £17.50 
  • Rear Dropout replacement (includes dropout) – £28 
  • Tubeless Tyre Setup – £15 
  • Wheel True – from £12 
  • Suspension Servicing – from £40 
  • Bike Builds – from £30 
  • E-Bike Software Update – £20  
Picton Cycles, Liverpool