Ravemen LR500S USB Front Light

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The Ravemen LR500S is a compact four-mode front light that is more potent than its figures suggest. Designed for road use, and with anti-glare technology, it’s great for general riding and bright enough to stand out from the distactions of a nighttime urban enviroment

Using a curved lens to provide a wide range of front and side visibility, this brilliantly designed front light by Ravemen does a sterling job to illuminate your way and make other road users aware of your presence.

High: 500 lumens – 1.6 hours

Mid: 300 lumens – 2.8 hours

Low: 100 lumens – 2.5 hours

Eco: 35 lumens – 36 hours

Rapid Flashing: 200 lumens – 15 hours

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Picton Cycles, Liverpool