Cannondale Precise Floor Pump

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A quality, easy to use pump with a massive gauge (for those over 40) extra long hose and a dual head that you dont have to faff about with just connect it up to any valve. At lower pressures the gauge shows 1psi increments so you can be precise with your tyre pressure, at higher pressures, 40psi+ it automatically adjusts to show 5psi increments. I’ve just bought one myself and I’ve been seriously impressed with it.

Stay pumped.

Perfect for multi-bike households or people with many different bikes, a massive dual-stage gauge, bleed valve, and suggested pressure ranges assures the correct pressure.

Where it thrives

Pumping up tyres

What it’s built for

Efficiency, Versatility


  • Grippy footholds, ergonomic handle / auto dual-stage, extra-large 5″ (130mm) gauge for unbeatable readability and accuracy
  • Recommended pressure ranges help select ultra-accurate tire pressure / bleed valve for quick-and-easy pressure adjustments
  • AutoSelect head adjusts to Schrader and Presta valves
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Picton Cycles, Liverpool